Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

Wednesday 11 August – Siglufjordur to Akureyri

Cameron is sick. Not just a little bit, but he is really struggling. He has been under the weather since we left Scotland, but today is a bad day for him. We only have a short ride to Akureyri which is just as well as otherwise we may need to stay put. We have two tunnels to cross, but for once the other side needs to stop for us in one of the tunnels. We arrive at our next stop before noon and I order Cameron to go to bed. I go discover this lovely city (it has a cathedral right next to our hotel so I am calling it a city!) and end up strolling in the Botanic Gardens.



I sit on a bench, lie in the sunshine and fall asleep for a bit. I didn’t think this trip had made me as tired as it clearly has. I grab lunch on a busy little street and watch the world go by. Wednesdays is when the people of Akureyri show off their classic cars, sports cars and motorbikes (I still don’t really know why!) so it’s great fun to watch them all on their outings whilst tucking into a salad in a pavement café. This part of Iceland is famous for whale watching and we book an evening excursion. We eventually get to see some whales at the very end of the trip in the far distance, but Cameron won’t win any National Geographic photo competition with his images today.