Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

Tuesday 10th August – Laugerbakki to Siglufjordur

On the morning of day 5 of our Iceland trip, I admit that I have a new-found admiration for anyone who embarks on an adventure and can write a travel blog on the road. It takes all my concentration during the day to stay in control of my bike, so when we reach our base for the night, I can just about manage to unload my bags, make a cup of tea and then head out for beers and dinner. I am heartened that Cameron, despite being a much more seasoned motorbike traveller, seems to feel the same.


Last night we parked our two bikes (which I think look ever so cool next to each other) right outside the hotel front entrance and whilst packing our panniers, we get chatting to an elderly couple from England who spot the UK number plates. They enquire whether we rode all the way from Britain so we explain that our bikes took a ship from Immingham and we flew from Scotland. They are no less impressed by our adventure.



We leave Laugerbakki in the morning sunshine and head off to what may, in hindsight, become my favourite day in Iceland. Tonight’s stop will be Siglufjordur an easy and super enjoyable half day’s ride away. No gravel, beautiful roads and the weather is simply gorgeous. We pass some stunning scenery and arrive at the hotel just after lunchtime. The setting is simply sublime. I also have another bike dropping incident, but I take it in my stride and even take photos of my bike lying on its side (see evidence above!)  This may be one of my favourite places I have ever been to. The weather (23 degrees and sunny!) clearly helps, but the hotel location is wonderful. We eat pizza outside in the harbour, take photos and just stroll around. Cameron is too hot so I get to explore a little more on my own. I like this place. In fact, I really love it and for the first time I vow that I’d like to come back here.