Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

Thursday 12 August  Akureyri to Vopnafjordur

Another glorious morning in Iceland and I decide to give the shufflers at the hotel breakfast buffet a wide berth and head into the morning sunshine and eat scrambled eggs outside in a little café on a hill overlooking the city. Cameron is still asleep and I’d rather not wake him. In fact, we never leave till very late morning to give his body as much rest as possible. Today’s ride to Vopnafjordur takes us to the far North East of Iceland and I really like how desolate it looks. If you need trees, Iceland is NOT the place for you, but if you like rugged & rough, this is a magical place.


We are in agreement that we just need to get to our next stop without Cameron getting too sick to ride so we don’t go exploring the National Park we pass and put on extra layers of clothing as the temperature seems to drop rapidly. Ironically, we have lunch in a gorgeous little café right opposite the Husavik Hotel which I had booked a few nights earlier by mistake when we were in the Western Fjords. The hotel was 8 hours’ ride from where we needed it to be so my take-away is always to double check anything you book in advance. Vopnafjordur is a one-street town and were it not for the hotel serving a very tasty evening meal, we’d have gone hungry tonight. Early night for the tired travellers this evening after a little stroll through the town that time forgot.