Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

Monday 9 August – Patreksfjordur to Laugarbakki

This morning we pack our panniers in the pouring rain. Today’s weather is what I imagined Iceland would be like every morning, but we seem to have been really lucky so far. I have also come up with a “Petra system” where I add yesterday’s pair of pants and socks to my right pannier (which contains items I don’t need to take every day into the hotel room and which stay outside most nights) every morning which may sound trivial to an experienced biker, but I am just getting used to packing my panniers in the most efficient way. We ride to Laugarbakki today on the way to the North Coast of Iceland and we are pretty lucky with the weather from lunchtime onwards.


One thing I love about living in Scotland is how everyone talks about the weather. When you are on a motorbike, the temperature, wind condition and humidity has a big impact on your riding enjoyment hence why I am recording something as banal to some as the weather. We have plenty of photo stops on the way and I am even allowed to take some of Cameron with his swanky camera. Our hotel for the night is a converted former school in a prominent fishing area of the country and is full of what we term “shufflers” for the rest of the holiday.


This was about 30minutes into the mornings ride. The weather got MUCH better.