Petra Wetzel Petra Wetzel

Monday 16th August Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon  

After 10 days in Thor’s saddle, today is when I kiss my steely ride goodbye and send him on his journey back to the UK. This morning we ride back to Reykjavik to drop the bikes back to Eimskip, take off our motorbike clothing and become “joe blogg tourists”. After the required Covid test, we sit in the back of the taxi en-route to our last hotel (near the blue lagoon, but more excitingly near Iceland’s live volcano!) and I feel like I have been severed from something important. Cameron and I decide that we can always come back another time for a trip to the blue lagoon, but we may only get once chance to hike up to a live volcano, so after a quick lunch, we take a taxi to the starting point of a 90min hike to the base of the lava flow.


What a sight. If ever you want to feel small, insignificant and powerless, you just have to visit the site of a volcano. Even with the crater being hundreds of meters away, we can feel the heat. The crater is spitting red lava into the air and the natural sculptures created by the cooling lava are mind boggling. We agree that this impromptu visit may become one of the highlights of our trip. I feel very small and humbled.